About the Founder and Director 


Emma Azzopardi is a Successful Entrepreneur, Social Media Mentor and Motivational speaker listed on 8 Forbes lists, recently voted 28th most inspirational tweeter in the world.

Due to a rare spinal condition, Emma had been bed ridden for long periods of time and nearly lost the battle to work and live, given only 12 hours to live.


Not once has she let it slow her down and in fact it’s motivated her to not only do more, but now make a difference in other people’s lives, by running inspirational workshops, and conferences sharing her story to continue to inspire others.


Emma's motto is #BelieveAndAchieve. If you believe it you’ll achieve it. Because sometimes, you need to be stronger than what is happening to you.

Message from Emma

I am Emma Azzopardi or @illwah to the social media world.

I embrace life’s challenges as opportunities. I believe life is a gift and we have a responsibility to give back by becoming something more.

So I began Twitter with no other ambition than to motivate myself and others whom may have been going through a challenging time as well. I love people and Twitter allowed me to access them from all corners of the globe.


So as my followers increased, and as an entrepreneur, I saw a niche that was not being satisfied and realised I could make a positive change, in peoples businesses, companies, and lives.

Most people don't understand Twitter, how to tweet or even what to tweet about. I  use it in conjunction to Instagram and Facebook to give your Social Media the reach and presence it needs.


I want to help/mentor businesses and companies large and small as well as personal account holders learn how to utilise their Social Media accounts for their own benefit. 


Whether it’s for work, business exposure, or company growth I will create a brand that's not only enticing, but attracts the right audience at the right time to get the right results. I will help you maximise your potential and gain the traffic you need, using all the hints and tips that have proven a success for me along the way.

I look forward to helping you on your Social Media journey.

  Kind Regards, 
Emma Azzopardi