Social Media Marketing

Twitter is about marketing to the right people. There are various sites out there that claim to get you more followers, but they are accounts that have been made up to increase followers only. I specifically look for the right followers that will be attracted to your business. 

It's a personalised service about getting you started and coaching you along the way to get the right niche to achieve your highest marketing potential. It's about attracting real people to get real results. 

To get your business and brand the acknowledgement needed to not only increase your business flow, but increase awareness about your brand. 

Motivate You or Your Team

Motivating your team starts with you. Sitting back and focusing only on your personal goals will never benefit your team or help your brand grow.

I help your team build unity. Remember you are only ever as successful as your team. It's about bringing you all together to achieve a common goal. Learning to appreciate and encourage one another is the fastest road to success.

I help motivate your team by teaching you how to communicate, challenge, empower and support each other effectively to not only achieve your companies visions and goals, but learn to stretch beyond your team's capabilities while creating a fabulous team spirit along the way.

Consulting & Content Strategy

I can help individuals or teams conduct content marketing workshops by learning to advise yourself or your team on how to understand, develop and execute smart content through social media strategies. I focus on combining independent and pragmatic thinking to help give your business the voice it didn't know it had and the edge over your competitors.

I also work with marketing teams on how to use their time effectively and work with them to get the best results. With out the overheads of a huge consulting firm. Its about working smarter not harder.


With over half a million followers, I have already captured a willing audience for your product or business. I give you the opportunity to advertise on my account with your brand or business to achieve maximum reach. Twitter is about tweeting at the right time, to the right people, to get the right results.

Please note though I will only deal with brands who won't compromise my integrity.