Gemma Liviero



"Being a complete novice in the ways of Twitter, Emma gave me expert counselling and support. Thank you, Emma, for your time and patience with my many queries. You've been great to work with."



Dustin Onghanseng

CEO & Co-Founder


"Emma has been a pleasure to work with and she truly understands the value that #uHoo provides to its users. You can rely on her to do the work that she promised to do that you don’t even need to worry or monitor her."


"She’s clear and conscious of the brand you stand for and tweets to enhance it and would even go the extra mile to introduce you / your product to her network. She’s someone you would want as part of your team."


Matt Dorman

Singer Songwriter


"Emma has taken my twitter page @mattsongs from under 2000 followers to over 29,500 followers, which increased my Reverberation fans, my Facebook page likes and fans exponentially. On Reverberation, 90% of my fans are from Twitter! Emma you rock!!"


"Thanks for taking my brand to the next level! I am excited about what possibilities more followers will bring! Who knows? Maybe one of those followers will cut one of my songs, which makes Emma responsible for my success directly. Many blessings, Emma!!" 



Nomad Places


"I found Emma via her awesome inspirational tweets and 500k followers. After visiting her website and going ahead, I was wondering what to expect - you never know with online services. I was delighted to find out that within a short space of time, Emma worked away at my account and provided me with 2000 engaged followers. Beyond that a lot of these followers are visiting my website, and are spending more time there, than the average visitor outside of Twitter."

"That on it’s own would have been great, but Emma is professional, shows that she knows her stuff and is an all-round nice person. Throughout the time of her growing my followers, she provided me with advice and was open to any question I had. I can happily recommend her services and will more than likely want to work with her again in the future."